Tummy Hormone Harmonising Massage at Subang LaPremier

by - June 05, 2018

Knowing that this May will be a busy month because I will be going back to work and there's a lot of catching up to do I booked an appointment at Subang La Premier for another pampering session, this time I will be trying out the Tummy Hormone Harmonising Massage the primary goal of this massage is to support harmony and balance in the reproductive health, the menstrual cycle, and your fertility.
p/s if you have menstrual health problems this is a great way to regulate it as well 

What is a Tummy Hormone Harmonising Massage? 

This massage helps to break down stubborn fat, tone up the tummy, boost up metabolism, and lift up the uterus keep it from sagging while the wrap and mask help eliminate toxins from your body, expel wind and reduce bloating and water retention. 

Whether you're suffering from imbalance hormones or going through menopause this treatment will help you as well.

How is the treatment done? 

The treatment involves massaging the body with specially formulated herbs, oils, and hot stones, it is done by a skilled and experienced masseuse and the entire process will take an hour. It starts off with ginger oil massage which aids in warming up the body and promotes blood circulation. Massaging the abdominal area also encourages the intestine to work faster, which help in digestive problems.  

Finishing it up off with a tummy mask with a hot stone placed on top of my tummy for 20 minutes.

My experience

The Tummy Hormone Harmonising Massage at Subang LaPremier Dermedics left me feeling healthier, more energetic and relaxed. A day after the massage, my period came, I was expecting discomfort but surprisingly I had none, especially it's my first after my pregnancy and I feel less bloated as well, since I've got gastric and digestive issues I've signed up for a package to continue with this wellness treatment.

For those who are interested with their treatment mention "JIASHINLEE" and enjoy a 5% discount, this code is also valid for facials and body slimming treatments as well as dermedics products.


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