Oud Essential The Newest Anti-Aging Skincare

by - June 06, 2018

Are you ready for some luxurious skincare? Oud Essentials is a new Swiss-based skincare brand, it is the first time in skincare history that Oud is used as the main ingredient, the brand focus on anti-aging products with the aim to help their users restore their skin to its smooth and glowy state

Oud Essential have formulated and developed a range of organic, anti-aging skincare products that brings together nature and science, enriched with the brand's unique patented ingredients Oudactive+ a super refined, purest of the pure essential oil that enhances both physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

What is OUD?

Oud (or oudh) is also known as Agarwood, a compound extracted from the dark resinous wood of the Aquilaria tree, the resin occurs in less than 7% of the tree in the wild which makes it extremely rare and precious. Popular for its aroma, healing, and medical properties, Oud is also rich in antioxidants, with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which also have the ability to slow the aging process.

Oud Essential star products Eye Serum, Regenerating Serum, Oud Blanc Lightening Cream, and Dual-Phaed Oil. 

Oud Essential Eye Serum 15ml RM340 

A lightweight eye serum made with pure oud oil, the serum helps to lift, tighten, and reduce dark circles and puffiness in the skin around the eyes. It also helps deeply moisturize the skin to smooth fine lines around the eye. 

Oud Essential Regenerating Serum 30ml RM450 

This serum is formulated with active ingredient combined with the power of Pure Oud to give you an instant lift and tightening effect, it also helps combat signs of aging by plumping and smoothing your skin's surface by reducing lines and wrinkles. 

Dual-Phase Oil 30ml RM390

This non-greasy, fast drying formula is made with the luxurious substance, Pue Oud Oil, combined with a blend of natural oils and minerals, this perfectly balanced formula provides the right amount of moisture to keep your skin hydrated and revitalizes your skin. 

Oud Blanc Lightening Cream 30ml RM390 

Experience an instant brightening effect right after applying this cream, infused with Pure Oud Oil, this lightening cream is perfect for those who longed for bright, luminous skin. The cream lightens the appearance of pigmentation and brightens the overall skin tone. It also helps smoothens skin texture and minimize the appearance of pores. 

Oud Essential is exclusively available online at www.oudessentials.com and instores at Fragrance Du Bois Boutique, F6 Explore Floor, Starhill Gallery Kuala Lumpur.

Shop online with a 50% discount off and free shipping for first-time users this month, just quote "RAYA2018" during your check out. This promo code is valid till 22nd June 2018.

For more information of Oud Essential visit their Website, Facebook or Instagram.

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  1. omg oud, i totally in <3 with it, i am a huge fan of argawood, so sad i do not have the chance to get this opp to knowing about this product :( I hope i can try it... such a good investment for skin regarding the ingredients !

  2. wow harganya boleh tahan jugak tapi kalau bagus untuk kulit muka kita apa salahnya. normally skincare cam ni tahan lama dan makan berbulan-bulan untuk habiskan so bolehlah berjimat

  3. never heard of oud before. judging from the price i bet it really does the job.

  4. Oud ni kalau pewangi dari negara Arab I pernah dengar. Oud ni ada pewangi juga ke atau baunya natural?. Lightening cream ni ok juga supaya kulit muka 1 tona lebih cerah.

  5. No wonder the price quir pricey. The ingredient is hard and rarely found. Feel to try this out since got 50% discounts

  6. nice packaging..tertarik pulak sebab its anti aging skincare. I pun makin lama makin berusia, kena pakai produk yang sesuai untuk kulit muka..biar nampak tegang dan muda je selalu..hehe

  7. always heard oil can relieve something ! thank you for sharing this tips. looking forward on it

  8. We've been with Oud's article and now more and more products use this natural material and give it a good one to the users.

  9. Wah if buy from online they give 50 percent off that is owesome. Never heard about this brand but i love to try it btw

  10. Oud essentials. It sounds like some perfume brand name, hehe

  11. menarik produk ni. leh suggest kat kawan-kawan yang memerlukan. wah ada promo kod lagi tu. agak2 sempat tak nak guna tu

  12. Wahhhh! Harga dia tu memang wowwwe habislah. Sesuai dengan kualiti yang ada pada produk tu. Actually, i pun suka gila dengan produk anti-aging ni. Buat kulit muka kekal muda, hehe..