Maternity Photoshoot by Pinokyo Pictures Studio 彼诺工作室

by - June 19, 2018

Pregnancy is a special and beautiful moment for me and I actually miss it a lot, despite gaining all that unnecessary weight which is so hard to get rid of, the journey is incredibly beautiful and I've enjoyed it a lot, this is a moment I treasure so much, I want to remember it forever ❤

I was so fortunate to collaborate with Pinokyo Pictures Studio 彼诺工作室 during my pregnancy, they did my maternity shoots and the outcome was just amazing. Posing a pregnant woman and make her look flattering is not an easy job choosing the right photographer who is up to the job is vital! Thank you for including my husband and daughter in my maternity photos as well, the entire session was super fun and meaningful for us.

I've shared a couple of my image on instagram earlier but it was really difficult to not share all the images they've edited for us which is why I've decided to share it here on my blog. Once again, thank you Pinokyo Pictures Studio 彼诺工作室 for such an amazing opportunity to work together! looking forward to more captured memories to come!

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