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by - June 17, 2018

Choosing the right local courier service is essential for the delivery of your parcel because we just want a smooth delivery of the goods. GDEX recently started their own online shipping platform will optimize your entire shipping process, you will be amazed by how much time you can save, there is no need to travel all the way to the post office anymore and I can finally say goodbye to the long queues at the post office as well.

Why do I love the GDEX services?

1. Easy and user-friendly online portal
The platform is easy to use and understand, just follow the steps and start enjoying GDEX services!

2. Convenience with pick-up service
Skip going to the post office, arrange a pickup service at the time of your convenience

3. Attractive e-Wallet scheme and member price
GDEX rewards their users with special privileges such as complimentary pick-up and free credits!!

4. Easy payment process
Payment is easily made through ipay88, a secure online payment to prevent fraud or from the ewallet you have topped up.

So after all the talking here is a quick tutorial on how to register and start shipping!

Step 1 – Register/Log in

Step 2 – Click “send package”

Step 3 - Choose to send to single or multiple recipients, fill up the details.

Step 4 - Click “Checkout Now” if you want to proceed with payment. Else click “Continue Shopping” to continue creating orders.

Step 5 - Before checkout, you can purchase supplies/products if needed. Else, you may proceed by clicking “Skip”.

Step 6 - Make payment via iPay88 or e-Wallet.

Step 7 - Print out Consignment Note and Invoice.

Step 8 - Prepare shipment and paste Consignment Note on the parcel accordingly.
Step 9 - Lodge in your parcel to our nearest outlets or wait for the courier to pick-up.

To sum things up, I really love the new GDEX online platform, the portal is easy to navigate making it a pleasant experience for me, I'm so glad I'm able to enjoy convenience and cost-saving courier delivery services from my home with stepping out.

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