MY Craft Studio Grand Opening at The Waterfront, Desa Park City

by - July 26, 2019

MY Craft Studio recently opened a new branch at The Waterfront, Desa Park City. The entrance is a bit tricky because of the ongoing renovation, go up from the lift located near Watsons/Mcdonald side. Since it was their grand opening on 13th July 2019 Miya and I decided to check it out and we were lucky enough to end ourselves with their trial class.

MY Craft Studio is a Montessori-style art lesson for kids age 3 to 12 years old, this approach allows kids to follow their own artistic direction with personalized programs under the watchful and trained eyes of professional art instructors. 

The programs at MY Craft Studio are duly recognized by Warnborough College, UK, the teaching modules are carefully designed according to Montessori’s “Children’s Sensitivity Period”. The art and craft materials and fun activities are being prepared to support children’s development at different ages and to enhance their Sense Development, Imagination, Teamwork, and Motor Skills.

#1 NURSERY ART COURSE (NAC) 3 – 6 years old

NAC helps inspire your kid's creativity and at the same time educates them through educational values during their art lessons. There are 12 series of NAC Art books that consist of different educational values such as “Go Green”, “World Peace”, “Save the Earth”, “Recycle” and “Love Animal”.


Multicultural Craft Course is a craft system based on the cultures of different countries in the world.

During each session, kids will imagine themselves as a traveler by putting on their pilot uniform, carry their luggage and “Travelling Craft Passport” while creating the world’s famous craft. They will also be able to widen their general knowledge by using the “Travel Guide” and watching the video clip relating to the histories and geographies of various countries.

The environment was spacious, open, tidy, pleasing in appearance, simple and real place, where each element exists for a reason in order to help in the development of the child.

Arts and crafts are great for kids of all ages because it helps improve their concentration and creativity. I can see how enthusiastic Miya gets during her lesson, it's fun see her getting busy with cool craft projects, and I'm sure she'll be able to benefit from it long term. 

Come join the art journey at MY Craft Studio, it's only priced at RM220 per month and for those who enroll for more than 3 months, you'll get instant rebate on material sets and apron. 

MY Craft Studio @ Desa Parkcity
FF33A, 1st floor, The Waterfront @ Desa Parkcity,
Persiaran Residen, Desa Parkcity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. You know I like your blog because you have the best pictures! And it's look exclusive yet fun for kids too. Really good that desa park city open this craft studio where not only hipster people go there, everyone also can go there. Hehe.

  2. interesting :)
    my girls like to do art & craft.
    but, as for Izzat, he will not so interested to do it :) ha ha ha ha...
    he likes to jump, run. more to physical activities.

  3. This helps boost creativity in kids. Something like Kidzania but this is far better.
    Putting this into my bucketlist for my kids.

  4. my craft studio good for kids in learning and developing their motor skills. Helping them being creative and explore the world. The place looks fun too

  5. menarik dan nampak menyeronokkan untuk budak-budak dan juga ibubapa! tak sabar nak hantar anak sendiri ke tempat sebegini. mungkin lagi 10 tahun? haha :) terima kasih atas perkongsian ini.

  6. anak i pergi ni mesti dia seronok..nak bawakla satu hari nanti..tengok aktiviti memang sesuai untuk anak i

  7. Cantik dan juga nampak begitu sesuai untuk kanak-kanak nak membina masa depan dan juga kreativiti kat sini mungkin juga ia menjadi tempat dimana ibu bapa boleh habiskan masa bersama anak-anak mereka...

  8. Wah mesti your girl excited belajar seni. I suka hantar ank i kls mcm ni sbb blh asah bakat seni yg ada dlm diri mereka

  9. Bagus ada tempat macam ni dan bawa anak2 kesini. Memberi mereka ruang untuk berkarya dan dalam masa yang sama penuh dengan pelanjaran.

  10. awat la zaman aku sekolah dulu takda aktiviti begini...Seronok pula...Kalau boleh nak je keluar dari opis awal untuk tengok anak kat sekolah tabika..haha

  11. Menariknya My Craft Studio ni, macam-macam aktiviti ada. Bagus untuk perkembangan minda kids. Dekorasi dalaman pun menarik dan sesuai untuk aktiviti learning

  12. Comelnya uniform cam pilot hihi, mesti lah she loves to attend the craft workshop here kan in that outfit
    Boleh Ke Buat Duit Dengan Menulis DiBlog?

  13. Wahhh very nice place for kids to explore their potential and skills. I hve read about montessory style of learning and i find it very interesting. Looking forward to have kids and enroll them here

  14. This is a great session for bonding - kids and parents. It also helps to heighten the kids' imagination, training, skill and sensory too.

  15. Wow its good for kids! At this age kids need an exposure this kind of thing. I should bring my niece here soon

  16. Wahh so nice. I think i wanna suggest this place to my sister. it's good for her daughters.

  17. This place is so cool for kids, they get to play and learn as well.