Transforming items at home with the dazzling GOLD paint

by - July 26, 2019

Luxurious. Grand. Classy. There are some words commonly associated with the color gold. In any space at home from exterior to interior, be it the deck/porch, kitchen, living room or even bathroom, the color gold definitely brings out an edgy yet classy vibe to its surrounding. Today, gold remains a favorite color amongst household as it offers a quaint yet glamorous touch when complemented with the right shades and accents.

Although gold is deemed a warm color, it still looks great when paired with shades from the same spectrum such as pastel yellow and rust orange.

When it comes to giving certain areas at home a refreshed look and feel, all it takes is some inspiration to kickstart the create-it-yourself (CIY) process!

Thinking on how you can start? Well, stop wondering! Why not pick up some old (or random) items lying around at home? You’d be surprised to find out how you can turn the smallest objects from old…to gold! From outdated decorative items to old cookie containers, the list truly goes on and on. Unleash your creativity with Gold Paint!

Brightening your spaces with gold glow

#1 Deck / Porch
If you’re looking to makeover your porch or deck, why not give certain items such as the door grill or outdoor decorations a golden glow for a luxurious look and feel? A coat of gold paint on a few old outdoor items will make your space look as good as new.

P.S: Fret not about the gold color fading off over time as it’s made to withstand our Malaysian weather, be it rain or shine!

#2 Living Room
The living room is a space that families spend a lot of time in and it should exude a cozy and inviting vibe. Here’s a tip – try jazzing up smaller decorative items such as plain mirror frames or even a potted plant vase! These items will brighten up space and complement well with the other items in the living room!

#3 Dining Room
The dining room is a space that usually has a minimalist look to it as it’s a space that’s typically left clean and tidy. It doesn’t matter whether you lean more towards a modern take or a traditional taste, something that works across the board is to give your dining chairs a new look (and at a minimal cost!). Painting gold on the frame of your chairs will give off a quaint and rustic feel to space.

Need a quick fix? Paint the lids of your old jars gold and they instantly turn into a decorative item for the dining room!

#4 Kitchen
If you’re ever thinking what items can be made over in the kitchen area, you’d be surprised at how a splash of gold can easily brighten up the area, especially when you’re on a tight budget! Instead of buying a new trash can, why not give the lid a fresh coat of gold to give it a brand-new feel? If you want to start small, try incorporating gold onto the knobs of your sink to give the kitchen an overall rustic feel.

#5 Bedroom
Gold is a great color for the bedroom, also known as the most personal space at home. The best part is that most items in the room look good in gold, and is able to create a luxurious vibe for space – talk about minimal effort! With hints of gold around the room, your bedroom will definitely look more stylish and you can even think of creating your very own Insta-worthy corner. It can be as simple as painting gold over your clothes hangers to give them a uniformed look or even repainting your clothing rail to give it that old-fashioned school charm.

With the Nippon Paint Gold Paint, you can easily give small items at home a makeover, and watch how it transforms the space and ambiance!

Easily applicable to all types of surfaces at home -wood, concrete, plaster, and metal, the gold paint is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (it’s made to withstand our Malaysian weather!)! Not only does it cover a wide range of surfaces, but it also provides your newly-made over items with a luxurious looking finish.

To get a hold of the Nippon Paint Gold Paint (priced at RM35 / per tub 250gm, simply make your way to your nearest paint dealers and you can start your CIY (Create-It-Yourself) journey!

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