EarthTone Music Academy Open Day

by - January 10, 2020

Music is present in many aspects of our lives and it also plays an important role in child development. Research has shown that exposure to music from early childhood has the ability to help your kids speak more clearly, develop a larger vocabulary, and strengthen social and emotional skills besides that these musically-induced pathways might even help to stave off autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

A little while back Miya and I attended the open day of Earth Tone Music Academy. Miya was fascinated during the entire visit, we learned about the Suzuki method that was available at Earth Tone academy as well as the various programs. At the end of the visit, she decided she'll like to learn the guitar and I've signed her up and can't wait to start her class. 

Earth Tone Music Academy is located conveniently in Lake Fields, Sg Besi and it's been operating since year 2013, whether you are a parent who is looking to introduce your child to music or an adult who wants to pick up a new hobby Earth Tone Music Academy is dedicated to bringing out the best musical ability in each and every student.

This music academy offers personalized lessons in piano, guitar, voice, violin, viola, cello, flute, drums, saxophone, clarinet, ensembles, group classes, early childhood music classes, and performances. The instructors here focused on individual learning styles and personal artistic goals to help each and every student reach his or her full musical potential. 

Earth Tone also provides performance opportunities for their students to share their talents students will have chances to join in the fun at EarthTone Students Recitals, Annual Concert & Workshop as well as Competition to develop skills necessary for successful performance in other aspects of life. 

For parents looking for a fun way to introduce music to your kids, Earth Tone is proud to present a special promo to get FREE registration fees + FREE 2 trial classes (each class 30mins) and +15% off for buying any instruments (except for Piano where you get RM500 discount. Just quote this special promo code [earthtone201901] during your visit to enjoy these wonderful benefits. 

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