Natural Parenting Activites | Picnics at Parks

by - January 07, 2020

Have you thought about how much time we allow our kids to spend staring at digital screens, be it the TV or tablet or phone? Guess most of us parents are guilty of doing so and too much screen time could affect the ability of our kids to think creatively, limit their communication skills and hinder their outdoor exposure.

Instead of that, why not spend quality bonding time together? This way, both mom and kid will have the opportunity to focus on enjoying each other’s company and engaging in meaningful interactions together. This provides a mutual reassurance of each other’s unique love and affection for one another. Through such experiences, both mom and kids feel special and build positive memories together.

A natural and convenient way of increasing your kid’s physical activity is stimulating unstructured outside play which is why from time to time I love arranging picnics at parks with my little ones which allows me to focus on my kids without distractions. It's the perfect opportunity to bond and you'll never know what you might learn from your kids, and you get to build precious memories that you will treasure forever!

Being outdoors provides kids hands-on, active engagement and experiential learning opportunities. Did you know that research has indicated that active, experiential involvement in outdoor environment is exciting and emotionally engaging for kids and results in deeper and more effective learning?

So, why not plan a quick and simple picnic outing with your little ones and family over the upcoming weekend?

Finding the time to go on picnics can seem impossible, but, if you make an effort, you could improve your relationships with your kids and picnics are a great way to enjoy outdoors, spend quality time with family and allow our kids to discover new experiences themselves. And, you should consider gathering all phones and similar devices until the family outing has come to an end. That way you can ensure that everyone gets to spend quality bonding time together! 😊

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