Eco-Friendly Peronal Care Products from ecostore + 20% discount code

by - January 27, 2020

If you've been searching for a sustainable brand that you trust and rely on, check out ecostore, being the No.1 Eco Brand from New Zealand I was first introduced to it when I had kids and wanted to go for an organic healthy lifestyle because I have come to my senses there is a need to preserve mother nature in order for me to create a better environment for my kids which is safe and healthy.

ecostore carries a large range of home and personal care products that cater for your entire family. The brands take focus on sustainability by producing products with no nasty chemicals added into it, and plant-based ingredients, the packaging is made from renewable sugarcane plastic, which is 100% recyclable it helps reduce the carbon footprint, small changes like these will help the environment.

Previously I wrote about my favorite ecostore products for my kids and this round I'll love to share my favorite personal care products from ecostore

ecostore Normal Shampoo & ecostore Rose & Geranium Body Wash is the perfect duo to make you smell good. This shampoo is made from plant and mineral-based ingredients and silicone-free, leaving you with squeaky clean hair and a healthy scalp, my hair feels soft, smooth and frizz-free after using it. The body wash that has a refreshing scent gently cleanses skin without stripping it of its natural oils which is great for my sensitive skin.

ecostore Lemongrass Soap & ecostore Manuka Honey & Kale Soap are gentle, plant-based soaps that have a lovely scent and texture, it's perfect for my sensitive skin that's easily dry and itchy, these soap bars will help to nourish it.

Here is a discount code for my readers!

Use this promo code JIASHIN20 and enjoy an additional 20% discount, it's valid until 15th March 2020 and applicable for all ecostore products on the Radiant website 

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