Murad Prebiotic 3-in-1 MultiMist Review

by - January 20, 2020

Do you know Face Mist work to energize, reawaken and tone your skin and they’re a godsend when you’re stuck outdoors in unbearable heat?

My favourite pick so far has got to be Murad Prebiotic 3-in-1 MultiMist which smells and feels great on my skin! This facemist traveled with me everywhere, my favorite daytime companion, I use it as a toner, primer for makeup and setting spray after I'm done with my makeup, it also great throughout the day when I need a quick refresher.


Murad Prebiotic 3-in-1 MultiMist is a hydrating face mist that balances our skin's microbiome using prebiotics. This product helps to lock in hydration keep your skin fresh and moisturized.


Prebiotic hydrating sugars

Promote the enrichment of good bacteria. Reinforce and help boost the skin's natural hydration reserves for a smooth, healthy barrier.

Yeast peptide

Help lock in skin’s natural moisture levels to promote healthy, hydrated skin, which, in turn, supports an ideal environment for a healthy microbiome.

Bipolymer complex

Forms a natural, breathable, surface-smoothing second skin that helps prime and set makeup, and ensure longer makeup wear.

With these key ingredients, it’s no wonder that this Murad Prebiotic 3-in-1 MultiMist rejuvenates my skin while keeping it smooth and hydrated.


My face feels soft after 2-3 sprays, it's not too wet like some of the face mist in the market, if u know what I mean so I love using it as a setting spray for my make up because it won't ruin it. Basically, I use it whenever I feel like I need a refresher.

Murad Prebiotic Series comes along with Murad’s Prebiotic 4-in-1 MultiCleanser and Murad’s Night Fix Enzyme Treatment learn more about these products at their website here


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