Caffe Bene Malaysia Ultra Violet Purple Sweet Potato Series X Butterfly Ultra Violet Party

by - March 23, 2018

Earlier this month, I joined the Butterfly Ultra Violet Party at Caffe Bene, One Utama. It was my first time joining such an event ever since I started blogging, it was such a great way to get to know and make more friends from the blogging scene.

 The event was hosted by Butterfly Project Malaysia & Caffe Bene as well as sponsors such as MAISON de gigi, JUICY Fresh Juice Bar and Caffe Bene Premix Coffee. It was our lucky day because we to try out Caffe Bene's latest seasonal menu - Ultra Violet Purple Sweet Potato Series which is only available until 15th April 2018. The Ultra Violet is unique and I have never seen anything like this in town, they came in vibrant purple color and it's not just tempting to the eye but mouthwatering at the same time.

 The Ultra Violet seasonal series offers 4 new seasonal items such as the Purple Sweet Potato Bingsu, Latte, Frappeno and Waffles. Caffe Bene also added new seasonal gelato flavour made from purple sweet potato so don’t miss out on seasonal hit special

If you are a regular at Caffe Bene there is something different with this particular outlet in One Utama. The interior is posher than the usual coffee shop style Caffe Bene and I love how they incorporated natural lighting to their space, the seats are comfortable and there is a common area with shelves of books that will make you feel right at home. Caffe Bene One Utama is also a great conducive workspace, they have outlets and free wifi available for you as well but please be a good customer and follow some basic rules of etiquette when working in a cafe, like buying drinks and food every few hours because being kind and courteous to people around you goes a long way and it doesn't hurt to do so right?

Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Bingsu RM29.90

The Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Bingsu was pretty shocking when it’s served on the table, as you can see, the portion was really big and the toppings were generous! The bingsu is layered with shaved ice, purple sweet potato milk base, crunchy granola, bouncy agar jelly and topped with our seasonal Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Gelato. If you love milky stuff then this one will be a decent companion for your visit. Definitely must try.

Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Cream Waffle RM18.90

This was definitely my favourite, served with Caffe Bene's signature Belgium waffle, the texture of the waffle was moist and cakey, it was layered with purple sweet potato paste, topped with crunchy granola and tasty seasonal purple sweet potato gelato.

Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Frappeno RM16.90

A cup of frappeno is something I dream of on hot sunny days, this ice blended purple sweet potato frappeno was perfect, the sweetness balanced, it topped whipped cream and sprinkled with of purple sweet potato powder.

Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Latte RM14.90

The latte is served either hot or iced, I went for the hot latte, I was super fond of the creamy smooth texture of the purple sweet potato latte and I found myself liking it so much, I helped myself to a second serving. 

Had such a great time at Butterfly Ultra Violet Party Caffe Bene's latest line-up is fresh, healthy and tasty at the same time. I am looking forward to more of their innovative and fun creations in their next seasonal menu, but what made the moment even more enjoyable was the company with the butterflies I met that day! Can't wait to join the next party soon!

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