Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine Damansara Jaya

by - March 15, 2018

Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine is one of those authentic Thai restaurants in town that has that very charming yet humble feel to the restaurant. They started operating in February and it's located in Damansara Jaya. The restaurant is divided into outdoor and indoor seating, space is limited, best to have a reservation to avoid disappointment. 

Since we came in a group of 5, the portions were generous enough for sharing, it wasn't too small nor too big, we really enjoyed their recommendation, so if you're heading over and not sure what to order, just let the waiters know, they will be more than happy to help you out. 

Here's what we had that night :) 

Glass Noodle Salad Small RM13 | Medium RM25
A refreshing and appetizing starter comes in flavours of spicy, sweet and salty. This Thai glass noodle salad set my mouth watering, paired with seafood and condiments like shallot, tomato, coriander, and peanuts.

Thai Style Cha Om Omelette Small RM13 | Medium RM25
This might look like a simple dish but the chef nailed it, I love the crispy egg cooked with distinctive Thai vegetable/herb known as cha om.

BBQ Squid RM25
I love grilled squid and most of the time people tend to overcook it causing the toughening on the squid, this dish was done perfectly, the squid was still chewy and it tasted great with the pairing of its green chilli dipping sauce.

Tom Yam Seafood Small RM12 | Medium RM22 | Large RM35 T
The tom yum is light but deliciously spicy, with strong flavours of lemongrass hitting all the right notes, it was cooked with a generous amount of seafood, I love pairing this with rice, it was just so appetizing. 

Thai Style Coconut Milk with Prawns RM38
If you love a sweet and aromatic base, you've got to try this dish. The prawns are drenched in coconut milk that results in a delicious serving.

Cu Ci Ph Fish
First of all the sauce is absolutely amazing, this is a must-have if you love salted egg, it is quite similar to it, deep fried fish dipped over salty, creamy and rich sauce.

 Deep Fried Fish with Garlic and Pepper
Another item added to my favourite list! Fresh fish deep fried until it has the right crisp to it and served with green Thai chilli sauce, the pairing was excellent and I love how crunchy every bite is!

Coconut Ice Cream RM12.90
Ended my meal with some good old dessert Thai dessert! This coconut ice cream comes with crunchy bits of shredded coconut, peanuts and biscuits, it was certainly a sweet ending for me.

Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine is a great place for Thai food at a bargain price. The food is executed well, dishes were simple but the seasoning was spot on, all thanks to the chef, he is from Thailand by the way, overall we really enjoyed our meal here, the service was great, the food came out very quickly, and most importantly it was tasty and satisfying!

Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine
Pork Free Restaurant
No 21 Ground Floor, Jalan SS 22/11, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact: 014- 273 1512
Opening Hours: Monday till Sunday 11am -3pm, 5pm - 11pm

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  1. The steam fish and squid look good. I love Thai food. Must try this out

  2. nyum2.. pad thai? so far i love glass noodle.. mybe 1 day i must try this place

  3. the squid looks soooo delicious! terus ai rasa lapar.. btw, nice pics taken dear.

  4. My eyes stop at seafood tomyam and i really want it badly..oh gosh..why the seafood tomyam make me drooling...the grill squid also like waving at me now...can put in my next wishlist lor

  5. I miss my favourite Coconut Ice Cream. All the food here do looks delicious and I'm going to try it out soon.

  6. The price is so reasonsble. I would love to try the squid with green chili dipping sauce. It looks yummmy !!

  7. The bbq squid and the coconut icecream are among the menu that i really want to try. Look so delicious. And the price is so reasonable.

  8. Harga-harga makanan di sini, berpatutan. Udang tu yang akan Rose cuba dulu kalau ke sana. Nyum nyum.

  9. I love thai food so much. The price so reasonable.

  10. I love the menu of squid and also the fish is quite delicious I feel like I'm going to try it now I love Thai food. The place is charming and comfortable.

  11. Thai food is always my fav food. Tapi susah nak cari kedai Thai authentic yang Halal.

  12. Wow all the menus set my mouth watering..haha! I like Thai menu especially the tomyam types. As long as we are satisfy with the foods, I believe it worth it to spend money :)

  13. Oh my....all the dishes make me drooling...mcm nak jilat2 screen fon bila tgk all th foods


  14. since i'm from kelantan, wherever i go i would looking for thai cuisine. they're so tempting, can't resist.

  15. sedap-sedap pulak makanan seafood kat sini. sotong dia nampak menyelerakan lah. lama tak makan seafood mcm ni.

  16. Alahaiii.. Sedap nya semua hidangan-hidangan ni. Harga pon berpatutan. I suka juga masakan thai. Especially tom yam lah

  17. Sis punya fav food ni..terliur pulak bila tengok makanan kat atas ni. Nanti nak pergi makan lah kat sana

  18. Thai food is one of my favorites good and of course prefer those authentic one. This seems good and should give it a try. And the price kinda surprised me especially the soup - Racheal

  19. Tertarik dengan BBQ Squid... Nampak macam sedap je.. harga pun ok.. but Coconut Ice Cream lebih memikat hati i sekarang nie.. tgh panas-panas cuaca disini

  20. waww... look good. just nearby my house. but only today i knew. haha