Kedai Ayamas launches 3 brand new ready-to-eat food range for people on the go

by - March 09, 2018

Kedai Ayamas has launched three new addition to its range of ready-to-eat for people on the go, this is an alternative for those who have a busy lifestyle. If you're working late or busy for the day, do not stay hungry or skip a meal or go a long time without because that will be very bad for your body as it slows down the metabolism rate and causes weight gain.

Ayamas Kitchen easy and delicious RTE range is easy to prepare, simply heat for 4 to 5 minutes in the microwave and your meal of the day will be ready to eat. The existing flavors, which are the Bukhara Chicken Briyani, Nasi Pilaf with Butter Chicken, and Nasi Kandar with Chicken Masala launched last year have received positive feedback from customers, with its success they launch another 3 new additions which are the Bihun Goreng Istimewa, Nasi Bijam Ayam Bulgogi, and Nasi Kari Hijau Ayam Thai.

Bihun Goreng Istimewa

Nasi Bijam Ayam Bulgogi

Nasi Kari Hijau Ayam Thai

The new ready-to-eat range is available at all Kedai Ayamas outlets in Malaysia. The Bihun Goreng Istimewa is sold at RM5.90 per packet,  Nasi Bijam Ayam Bulgogi and Nasi Kari Hijau Ayam Thai is sold at RM7.90 per packet.

For more details about Kedai Ayamas, visit or their Facebook Page at Kedai Ayamas -Ayamas Roasters Facebook Page.

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