Kronos Flatnomore Tyre Sealant and Inflator | Tyre Sealant Review

by - March 15, 2018

Flat tyres suck and no one likes being stranded by the roadside. Not sure if it has happened to you before but I always have really bad luck with tyres and my job requires me to travel around the country with my car so it really sucks when there is a flat tyre not to mention it can be quite dangerous for us to be stuck on the highway as well.

To be honest, I do not know how to change my tyres and I'm sure many girls are like me as well, therefore, I rely on help from friends and family or even worse, a tow truck. So happy that I found a solution for this, keeping a bottle of tyre sealant and inflator will be life saving when the time comes!

Why do I choose Kronos Flatnomore Tyre Sealant and Inflator?

#1 Quick and easy to use.
#2 No need to remove tyre.
#3 No damage to tyres, the tyre can still be repaired.

What is Kronos Flatnomore Tyre Sealant and Inflator?

A tyre sealant is a temporary solution to plug leaks and enables you to get your car to the nearest workshop for repair.

Kronos Flatnomore Tyre Sealant and Inflator is designed to quickly seek-out and effectively seal most normal punctures and slow leaks. It is 100% applicable to breach holes within 6mm on tubeless rubber tyre of cars, motorcycles, electrical bicycles with no jack nor tyre-change needed. This one-step procedure of tyre pumping and repairing is finished in seconds and it's 100% organic polymer, non-toxic and odourless and most importantly it does not cause any damage to the tyre. Kronos also comes with 3 years shelf life from the date of manufacturing and 2 years warranty so you do not have to worry about any leakage!

p/s Do not drive above 130kmh after using this product. As it will cause vibration as there is liquid in tyre.

How to use?

#1 If possible remove object causing the puncture.

#2 Deflate the tyre, shake the can well before use.

#3 Screw connecting tube firmly to tyres valve. Break the top red seal and twist the red valve cap clockwise to inflate

#4 After pumping is finished, disconnect both ends of the tube. Immediately drive 3-5km at moderate speed to allow the sealer to spread evenly in tyre and mend the puncture. Then check and adjust tyre pressure.


Normal Price RM69.99 but now they are offering it at a introductory price at RM49.99

How to purchase?


• 0126736344 Helena



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  1. Sangat bagus untuk ada satu di dalam kereta.waktu-waktu kecemasan memang sangat diperlukan kronoflatsnomore ni..

  2. Its good for us as women to have one kronos. Mcm i kalau tayar pancit,i totally lost.tak tahu nk buat apa

  3. This product is good for ladies. Sometimes we don't even have strength to change tire by ourself. Good for emergency standby

  4. Lepas ni ladies tak lagi panik jika berlakunya masalah pada tayar.. dah ada standby Kronos dalam kereta

  5. Good product with good reasonable price, good for ladies to know function of the product to avoid any panic feeling when car having problem especially punctured tyre

  6. Good review and this product have a good function i should buy one for emergency

  7. wah.. this product is so nice... so panic when I was having flat tyre last time... This looks easy to use...

  8. I dah ada satu kronos ni. Memang puas hati. Kawasan rumah ni tengah ada development so risiko tayar nak pancit tu memang tinggi. Kalau luck baik, ok la. Kalau tak ada luck memang habis tayar.

  9. Must have product in our car. Women like us always don't know how to change tyre right. This product will save our life.

  10. lama dah nak try dan save dalam kereta kalau apa terjadi kat tengah jalan. dulu duduk sabah pernah jugak pakai.skg macam susah nak cari.

  11. this one is very useful! You and wife are same, donno to change the punctured tyre. maybe i need to get this one to wife. at least, im not worry if her car got this problem. the price i think is worth it!

  12. I need this product so much. It actually help a person like me that don't know how to change a new tyre. Just pump and dry to nearest workshop to fix the puncture tyre.

  13. This is a must have product should be in our car Bonet if anything happen such as flat tyre on the jalan at least this will help so much..

  14. I would say that this is a must have product for all the ladies..because it's hassle free...and safer in terms that you dont have to wait at the side of the road all alone for a long time..

  15. I travel on the road quite often and this is what I need to standby for my car. Thanks for the products information and sharing. I will check out the product soon.