NuvaLanconone® Herbal Joint Pain Relief Formula

by - March 18, 2018

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints, this is a degenerative joint disease which results in progressive joints destruction. Without treatment, the joints worsen overtime and it can affect one joint or multiple joints.

NuvaLanconone recently hosted an compasionate yet informative event entitled Unravelling The Joint Pain Paradox where groundbreaking herbal research unearthed. Dr. Shalini Srivastava, the leading researcher of this breakthrough herbal science was in Malaysia to share how Lanconone® can offer more alternatives to chronic joint pain sufferers.

Here's a quick overlook for NuvaLanconone® 
#1 Patented Herbal Formula
Suitable for vegetarians

#2 Proven Effectiveness
Relieves pain as quickly and effectively as NSAIDs (Ibuprofen)
Improves joint function

#3 Proven Safety Profile
Established, authenticated, patented herbal formula.
No adverse reactions amongst actual patients with osteoarthritis

#4 Proven Lasting Results
Continued joint improvement even after 12 weeks of treatment

Lanconone® is a clinically researched herbal joint pain formula which has been tested against the NSAID painkiller ibuprofen. It was found that this herbal remedy worked as quickly and as effectively as the NSAID to relieve joint pain whilst supporting joint recovery at the same time.

Comprised of seven authenticated Ayurvedic herbs in one patented formula, Lanconone® is now available in Malaysia. The research on Lanconone® started a decade ago with the latest study against Ibuprofen published in the journal Trials 2016.

Lanconone® demonstrated its ability to provide joint pain relief as quickly as Ibuprofen. Beyond pain relief, joint function amongst real patients with osteoarthritis was also found to improve after 12 weeks of treatment with Lanconone®. These results demonstrated Lanconone’s capacity to enable the joints to repair itself. This herbal formula is suitable for vegetarians and most importantly, it has been proven safe.

Lanconone retails for RM160 for a pack of 50 capsules and is available at Guardian, Caring, AA and other leading pharmacies nationwide. This article is brought to you by Nuvanta’s Nuvaceuticals division.

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